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Who is The West Law Group?

Located in McLean, Virginia, our attorneys are licensed in Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia and New Jersey to serve our clients throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. We are professionals focused on obtaining positive results for our clients. Our success has allowed us to grow and extend our capabilities to support all aspects of our clients’ businesses, personal financial and family matters. The cumulative expertise of The West Law Group, our collaborative management approach and our determination to deliver unparalleled results, provides our clients with confidence as they journey through life’s experiences.

Our firm has expertise in many areas of the law, business structure and management of growth opportunities. The West Law Group is committed to the focused execution of all work performed for our clients. We will comprehensively define the legal process and requirements for each of your specific needs. We employ a staff of highly qualified paralegals and support personnel. Our attorneys apply superb leadership and organization to each and every case or project. They will not waste time or effort. Attorneys delegate appropriately to complete all case work in a timely manner while preventing excessive expense and unnecessary billing.

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